Biden determines that charging piles do not need to be purely American-made

U.S. President Joe Biden recently vetoed a Republican-sponsored resolution. The resolution seeks to reverse new rules issued by the Biden administration last year that allow some parts needed for the construction of charging stations to be non-" American "in the short term, a move that Republicans claim will allow U.S. funds to be subsidized for Chinese-made products.


In Romania, 4,967 public charging piles have been built

Romania had registered a total of 42,000 electric vehicles, of which 16,800 were newly registered in 2023 (a year-on-year increase of 35% from 2022).


LG Electronics has opened its first electric vehicle charging pile plant in the United States

News on January 15, according to foreign media reports, as the demand for electric vehicles increases, the demand for charging also increases, and the demand for charging piles and charging stations is getting higher and higher. Charging of electric vehicles has become an important aspect. A business with great potential, many companies are developing this business, and LG Electronics is one of them.


The UK plans to transform the "signal cabinet" into an electric vehicle charging pile

Recently, I learned from the International Energy Network that currently, the green transformation of transportation has become the core driving force for achieving sustainable development goals. BT Group has launched a new pilot scheme to convert redundant roadside telephone access cabinets and broadband boxes into electric vehicle charging facilities.


First time! Sinopec corp enters charging pile markets

Recently, Sinopec Capital invested in Xi'an Lingchong Chuangxiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and completed the transaction. This project is the capital company’s first investment in the field of charging piles!


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