Smart parking lot charging solution



Efficient construction of new energy charging network is the most concerned issue in the new energy industry, including station location, time-sharing lease, integrated vehicle pile management, efficient operation and maintenance and other value-added services.

Electric vehicles have become the most widely used green energy vehicles, which can be converted into power by using electric energy, saving energy and environmental protection. However, there are few charging stations in China at present. With the development of electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging piles have been established in many places due to the loss of national policies. With the expansion of the scale, charging stations can also provide various peripheral facilities and services. The core equipment of the charging station is the charging pile, and the action of the charging pile plays an important role in the operation of the whole charging station. The Internet intelligent charging pile solution launched by Dongduo Electric has realized the scientific management mode of networking and intelligence, making the operation of charging pile more stable, reliable, and management more simple and convenient. At the same time, due to the intelligent management mode of the charging platform, under the condition of ensuring stability, it has greatly saved the use cost, greatly promoted the commercial application and promotion of the charging pile, and realized vehicle management, amount settlement and analysis and statistics of various business data.