Shell will focus on public charging points

Recently, it was reported that Shell stated in its latest energy transformation strategy that the company is upgrading its retail network and expanding electric vehicle charging and convenience services to respond to changing customer needs. "We plan to divest approximately 500 Shell companies each year this year and next." its gas station locations (including joint ventures).”


Technical analysis of electric vehicle charging pile

As the world's largest electric vehicle market, my country's charging piles are developing particularly rapidly. This article aims to deeply explore the internal structure and working principles of two charging piles widely used in our country’s market—AC charging piles and DC charging piles, as well as their role in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem.


The utilization rate of charging piles in the United States rises

With the growth of electric vehicle sales in the United States, the average utilization rate of charging facilities has increased significantly. In 2023, the number of fast charging stations operated by non-Tesla companies in the United States increased from 9% in January 2023 to 18% in December 2023.


BMW announced the latest charging pile construction

International Energy network learned that a few days ago, BMW announced the latest charging pile construction


The overseas market of charging piles took off and global transactions increased by 184%

China has become the world's largest producer of electric vehicles. After years of exploration and accumulation, the new energy industry is not only booming domestically, but also has strong demand for new energy products in overseas markets. Now it is opening up new growth space with the help of cross-border e-commerce.


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